28 September 2011

A Special Note Regarding Social Media.

Due to the recent update in terms of services and privacy terms of Facebook, it is with regret that I have opted to close both my personal profile as well as the official ADPAPAM presence on the site.

I am currently seeking out other social sites to promote ADPAPAM on that have greater sensitivity towards protecting professional as well as personal identity. If you can help, please feel free to provide suggestions.

Broadcasts will continue as normal. ADPAPAM is not closed for business.

24 September 2011

Episode 90: "Let's Have a Vinyl Night"

[SET LIST - 02:00-04:00AM EST 09.24.11]

02._Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel - Hole
03._The Legendary Pink Dots - Princess Coldheart 12"
04._Roman Torment/Feed the Dragon - SPLIT
a) RT- The Gift of Grief
b) FtD- Bromide Romance

Episode 89: "Bleary Eyed Reality"

[SET LIST - 02:00-04:00AM EST 09.09.11]

01._De Tot Cor - World Made of Lies - Gothic Light
02._Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up - You'll Rebel to Anything (as long as it's not challenging)
03._The Birthday Massacre - Control [tweaker mix] - Imaginary Monsters
04._Fabious Corpus ACt - Corruption - Syntension Alpha (comp.)
05._Accessory - Sunrise - Underbeat
06._Front Line Assembly - Dissension - Artificial Soldier
07._Angels of Suicide - Infinite Wisdom - Angels of Suicide
08._E-Craft - Kill the Fakes - Status
09._Manifestations of Baba Bazooba - Madonna Rhianna Beyonce - Vienna Woods
10._Incubite - Ich Hasse Dich - Toxicum
11._Esplendor Geometrico - Neuridina - EG-1
12._Ainm - The Promise - Zero Spring
13._Coil - It's in My Blood - The Ape of Naples
14._F.U.S.E. - Train-Trac.1 - Dimension Intrusion
15._Haus Arafna - Fur Immer - Butterfly
16._The Legendary Pink Dots - Demonism - Asylum
17._Midi Fister - Now - Dead Eye EP
18._Propergol - Cabin Altitude Aural Warning - Ground Proximity Warning System
19._Nihil Novi Sub Sole - Idolatry - Jupiter Temple
20._Mind.in.a.Box - Dead End - Dreamweb
21._Imperative Reaction - What is Left To Say (Club Edit) - Surface
22._Bunnydrums - Sleeping - PKD

09 September 2011

Episode 88: "Two Kinds"

[SET LIST - 02:00-04:00AM EST 09.03.11]

01._Geomatic - Blue Beam
02._Chris Connelly - How This Ends

(My internet has been fully resolved. Great joy and happiness spreads throughout the land.)

03 September 2011

Episode 87: "A Salute to Our Forefathers"

[SET LIST - 02:00-04:00AM EST 08.27.11]

Featuring the works of Vladimer Ussachevsky, Otto Luening, Pril Smiley, Bulent Arel, Mario Davidovsky, and Alice Shields

02._Vladimer Ussachevsky - Film Music

(Again, with great apologies for my tardiness. My personal internet difficulties will be resolved within the week, and I will be back to normal scheduling as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.)