06 March 2010

Playlist from 03.06.10 - Episode 16: "Now With Extra Whitening Freshness and Cavity Protection!"

SET LIST 02:00-04:00AM EST 03.06.10

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01._Absurd Minds - Pendulum Swing - Serve or Suffer
02._Grendel - Strangers - Inhumane Amusement
03._Monolith - All Over (Ah Cama Sotz remix) - Endzeit Bunkertracks akt. III
04._00tz 00tz - Atomic - Death By Numbers
05._Xotox - Ewig - In Den Zahn Morgen
06._Electrovot - Fate - Extreme Sudenfall 9
07._Aesthetic Perfection - Living the Wasted Life - A Violent Emotion
08._Skinny Puppy - I'mmortal - The Greater Wrong of the Right
09._Pailhead - Don't Stand in Line - Ministry Side Trax
10._Nurse With Wound - Cold - Livin' Fear of James Last
11._Zeromancer - Murder Sound - The Death of Romance
12._E-Craft - Global Killer (remix) - Stasis
13._Ministry - Reload - Sphinctour
14._Ambassador 21 - Remedy for Solitudes - Ambassador 21 vs. The World
15._Einsturzende Neubauten - Morning Dew - Fuenf Auf Der Nach Oben Offenen Richterskala
16._Einsturzende Neubauten - Dead Friends (Around the Corner) - Perpetuum Mobile
17._NTRSN - HO!LA! - People Like Gods
18._Everything Goes Cold - The Droids You're Looking For - EGC vs. General Failure
19._Lustmord - Heavy Manners - Lustmord vs. Metal Beast
20._Download - Were - III
21._CeDigest - All Will Be Lost - Walking in the Flesh
22._Emergency Broadcast Network - Psychoactive Drugs - Behavior Modification / We Will Rock You

The WIDR FM webstream has been down this week, but should be restored on Monday. Please check back at http://www.widr.org for status updates, but we should be back next week.

As always, thank you guys so much for all the requests on last night's show. And as always, please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, hugs, hate mail, or any other weird anecdotes either on the blog or at my email address.

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